We're All In
To boldly break boredom, we had to Go All In. That starts with highlighting the recipe: big fruit pieces in a thick creamy yogurt “made with love” using milk from family-owned farms. And Going All In led us to a “mindful maverick” brand personality. In contrast to the dainty cues of the rest of the category, we wanted OIKOS to show up as the yogurt wearing a black leather jacket.
Custom Typeface: Adam Vicarel
Product Animation: Lightning Orchard
Deliciously Fruit-Forward
Larger than life fruit, extreme close-ups, eye-popping light and texture add up to mouth-watering goodness. Other yogurt brands don’t dramatize their creaminess, leaving the door open for OIKOS to create creamy, swirled backdrop. Photography: Francesco Tonelli
Family-owned farms care for the 
cows and support sustainability to make OIKOS extraordinary. Danone is the world’s largest B-Corp and an important support 
story for the brand.
OIKOS is so 
creamy and full of fruit chunks, you can eat it with a fork. 
That’s what makes it “Forkable.”
Client: Danone
Agency: Beardwood&Co.
Account Directors: Julia Beardwood, Stephanie Primus
Executive Creative Director: Sarah Williams
Creative Director: Erin Buchanan,
Senior Designers: Allie Wong, Derek Horn, Cara Budner
Designer: Lucinda Huijer
Associate Designer: Nicole Stallings-Blanche

The Oikos Brand Relaunch was created in collaboration with our partners on the Danone Brand Elevation team: Fe Amarante, Lauren Koprowski Bodner, John Solis, and Dianna Benavidez.
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